penelope flower charms

  1. Just wondering.. these seem to very very few and far between... were they a limited edition or were there less made? I can usually find most of the charms I like online, but these are a headache :sad:
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  3. I saw the rarest one...go for $50 something bucks! It upset me so bad. LOL. FashionPassion has all of them, including the rarest one.
    But yeah, all of them are pretty rare, and go for a pretty penny (when a seller knows what it is).
  4. Wow I had no idea these were so rare. I have the calla lily one and its just sitting in storage.

  5. They were not limited, just very popular and not many went to the outlets. Retail was $58.
  6. The water lily one seems to be the rarest. There was one that ended yesterday at $50 BIN.
  7. I remember some lucky ladies who got them at $9.99 at the outlets! Ahh the good old days..
  8. Yeah, I remember rushing to the outlets when I heard that and coming up with nothing. At $9.99, you pretty much had to be at the store when they were put out because they flew out the door so fast!
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    yes these are the ones I saw... some crazy prices! so the water lily is the rarest one? or was it the calla lily?
  10. wow- $166 for the Cala Lily?! crazy!
  11. I have the water lily and love it. it matches my brass editorial zoe perfectly. i was lucky enough to find it at my outlet with coupon for $7.99
  12. Sorry, that was me. I couldn't believe I snagged it. I had been looking for it for a long time to complete my set and was not about to pay $166 on Bonz :p
  13. Girl, I meant upset in a good way! Like a why-didn't-I-try-that kind of way! LOL!
    I am so glad you were able to complete your set. That's awesome! :smile:
  14. Wow, I should have bought the cala lily when it was in stores. No way can I pay that much for a charm. It is beautiful, though. Reminds me of Easter morning.
  15. I am surprised that ya'll aren't getting attacked when you talk about seller's prices being too high...I always have. :sad:
    Like they told me, if you don't like the price, don't buy the item. The seller puts a price up for what he/she thinks it's worth, and if the price is not right for somebody, it won't sell. But somebody might think the price is worth it and buy the item. And they will be happy with it because it's beautiful and they finally have that item. I have paid a good amount for some of my htf charms, even if they did go for $10-$30 at outlet or wherever. And I have bought full price fobs from, as I am sure we all have.
    I think the comments about prices hurt the feelings of sellers, and that maybe we should think about that. I have been blocked from buying from a seller for running my mouth, and I wasn't even trying to offend.
    Just remember, one day that seller might have something you really want that you can't get because you hurt their feelings on TPF.
    That's all I am saying.

    Nothing but love, :hugs: