Penélope Cruz - ID her orange satchel?

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  1. I know she's carrying two bags in this picture :confused1: , but can anyone id the orange satchel? I'm loving the style and especially the color of this bag...thanks!
    Penélope Cruz_orange.jpg
  2. Do you have a side pic by chance?
  3. Looks like an Hermes to me, in orange most likely, their signature color. I have a faux one, which I love too! :yes:
  4. The one on her shoulder looks like Prada, they are both great looking bags.
  5. Dior?
  6. It's hard to tell from the angle of this pic, but I think Bottega Veneta may have done a bag like this in orange last fall.
  7. Here are some pics of Bottega bags--I believe Penelope's bag is the same as the last brown bag on the right. I'm also attaching a pic of the Bottega orange bags because the color looks the same as Penelope's bag. The good news is these bags were at the Cabazon Bottega outlet as of 9/23. It's possible that the orange bag is still available. The number for the outlet is: 951-849-0348 ask for Jale.
    BlackandBrownHandbags.JPG Dr.BagsandFlatBag.JPG
  8. I forgot cabazon had a BV!! I need to get back there soon.
    Penelopes bag does look like the one you pointed out.
  9. Unfortunately this was the only picture I could find on for your help guys...
  10. Dior detective bag, I think.
  11. Looks like an oversized Dior Flowers frame bag, which I've seen in this orange. I could be wrong.

    It IS Dior and is the new My Dior bag!

    Dior My Dior 2.jpg

    It looks really nice! What do you guys think?
  13. Gorgeous! So glad you were able to find it. I really like this bag a lot!

  14. *crowning u Dior Queeen*

    it seemed Dior for me as welll but couldnt figure it which one EXACTLY

  15. .M.

    The M is supposed to be the crown :nuts: