penelope clutch

  1. hi ladies! this is the first time i'm posting in the kooba subforum. i thought i'd share my new penelope clutch! it was actually a complete accident that i got such a deal on it. the first kooba bag i bought was the chiara a few years ago when it was first released and since then have not kept up much with kooba... a few days ago i was surfing around at pinkmascara when i saw the penelope for $150 and decided to buy it (without thinking why it was so cheap) and only found out later that it was probably a mispricing when i surfed the site again and it was back to $345!

    anyway i think i like it more as a clutch than with the strap because i find the strap a little too chunky... any other penelope owners feel the same??
  2. Congratulations, you got a great deal and good to hear that Pink Mascara sold it to you at that price. I love to hear about people managing to grab amazing bargains.
  3. Wow, great price for that clutch, congratulations!:smile:
  4. It is cute on you. I can't tell too much from the pick, but is it in the gold or silver?
  5. thanks! it's silver :smile:
  6. Cute bag!
  7. What a precious bag!! Congrats on the great price too!
  8. Wow! I really like that clutch - the silver color looks so nice with that outfit too! I'll keep my eyes open for that one :smile:
  9. Really cute! Congrats!