Pending Refund

  1. hi guys, i recieved a partial refund for my bag last saturday(oct 13th) and it still is pending. paypal has also sent me a reciept for it. their policy says that because the seller does not have funds in her paypal account, therefore, the money has to be trasferred from seller's bank account.

    so how long does it normally take to recieve it? a lady from ATC said hers took about a month:amazed:

    and the seller isn't able to change her mind n decide not to refund is she? i just dont wanna wait till my paypal dispute period expires (we came up with the partial refund agreement without having paypal involved) and i also dont wanna bug the seller for nothing.

    i'm in australia and the seller is in the US if this information helps.

    thanks in advance:heart:
  2. my partial refund took about 2 weeks and it was only for $11. I think its really stuppid that when we BUY and pay with paypal..they can pull it out from our bank account right away...but when gettin a refund..its takes them FOREVER to get it out of the seller's bank account. makes no sense to me.
  3. thank u for ur reply Inguyen0827.
    i'm guessing paypal is holding our money for a lil while coz they are earning interest on them. and every little bit counts. i just didnt expect it to be that long.
    it's always easier to pay money than getting money back. *sigh*i guess i just have to wait.
  4. Mine took about a week for a refund.. be patient, hopefully it will go thru!
  5. takes a while. I know it is unnerving...
  6. Paypal isn't allowed to take money from people's bank accounts without their authorisation, so if they don't agree to refund you from their bank account then Paypal can't make them. Nobody is allowed to deduct funds from your bank account without your approval. Nobody.
  7. If she has a registered account where she gave her checking account # and a credit card (required for selling) then that is authorization for withdrawal. That's how paypal protects themselves from chargebacks from our credit cards. The seller could empty their account, or close the credit card, then you're SOL. As long as the accounts are open, and they are on the seller's paypal account, they're free game, so to speak.
  8. I'm not sure it's that simple, but I didn't have a bank account linked to my Paypal account when I started selling (in Europe) so I haven't seen that in my agreement.
  9. ^I could be mistaken, having read another post just now. I was told (as much as a year ago) that they could take $ out of my bank account which is why I NEVER leave any money to speak of in it. It's just for eBay only.
  10. I'm waiting for a refund, too. What a headache!!!! Mine has been 3 days now....we'll see how long this takes!
  11. thanks everyone, my refund is finally cleared today. 7days in total, not as bad as i thought. but got ripped off by paypal's exchange rate tho...

    good luck to u girlsgottoshop. :wlae:
  12. Hi. I don't keep $$$ in my PP account so if I refund it takes 4 business days to go from my account into the buyer's account.