Pending International Payment

  1. I sold a bag on eBay yesterday to a lovely gal in France. She paid immediately by paypal. The auction states "This item is pending payment through PayPal." However, when I go to my paypal account, it shows the payment completed and my available balance in USD (the cost of the bag minus fees).

    Why is the auction still pending payment when it looks like it has cleared through paypal? I have already sent the bag because I didn't notice the pending message until recently; figured once paypal showed completed it was safe to ship.

    Also, can paypal confirm overseas addresses?
  2. unfortunately France addresses aren't confirmed yet... only UK as far as I know. I hope you sent the bag via EMS for tracking purposes. I wouldn't be worried if the seller has good feeback, but make sure you keep all receipts for 6 months. Also, transfer the funds in your Paypal account to your bank account. It's always best to be prepared for the worst!
  3. Thank you for the reply and yes, it was sent via USPS Global Express with tracking and insurance. The buyer has excellent, glowing feedback and we communicated for several days prior to her purchase. She is well spoken and seems honest. I have a good feeling all will go well, just wondered why the payment is still showing pending on eBay.

    The buyer fully complied with 1) the shipping charges and 2) that I would not declare a lower value for customs.