Pendant to go with YG Frivole pave earrings

Which one

  • YG Frivole small pave pendant

    Votes: 15 68.2%
  • PG Frivole small pave pendant with pink sapphire

    Votes: 7 31.8%

  • Total voters


Feb 12, 2017
I am looking into getting Frivole pendant to go with my Frivole pave earrings in YG. I also have RG Vintage Alhambra earrings and pendant in my collection. Do I am planning to add butterfly earrings and pendant in pink sapphire to my collection down the line. Should I get the matching small Frivole pendant in YG or get the Frivole pendant in RG with pink sapphire in the middle to go with my Frivole YG earrings? TIA!


Sep 27, 2013
I'd get the yellow gold pave Frivole pendant (or necklace or even bracelet) to go with the yg pave Frivole earrings. I don't see the rose gold with pink sapphire looking very good with yg pave earrings since they would be quite close together. I do like RG pink sapphire Frivole (pendant or earrings) with RG sapphire butterflies, though.