Pendant or necklace crave - Cartier or Van Cleef? Pls help!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've recently pursed a raisin birkin with gold hardware and a rose gold Chopard watch. Will purchase a Rolex rose gold / steel datejust w/in this month.

    Now I really need some gold jewelery to match my new babies. I've gotten lots of Tiffany silvers over the years and I'm now considering Cartier / VCA.

    Given I've made some big purchases recently, I don't plan on spending a whole lot of money on gold jewelery for now. I plan to acquire gold items slowly.

    Now I really really want a pendant / necklace to start with. Will buy matching earrings / rings later on.

    Which brand do you like better? Which item could you suggest me? Pix will greatly help! Thx in advance!!!
  2. I really like VCA, especially the alhambra line.
  3. I would say the alhambra line from van cleef & arpels too:tup:
  4. ^^agree!
  5. Wow, thx!!