Pendant Designs -- Where to Get Ideas?

  1. I hope I can explain what I mean....I'm new to jewelry, but loving it too much!

    Anyway, this week my DH bought me a new engagement ring!!!! It's just beautiful! But my original diamond ring from 30 years ago is still so lovely and I wanted to have it made into a pendant. I went to the jewelry store today and the SA made a copy of a page from a catalog that showed some designs for me to consider.

    My question there a website I can go to or a catalog I can purchase so that I can see more things? I tried to google words like "jewelry patterns" and "jewelry designs", but I couldn't come up with what I wanted. I think what I'm looking for is a catalog of lots and lots of assorted styles that you can then have made up with your own stones.

    Thanks for helping me!
  2. I'd just Google "diamond pendant" to see a lot of different designs.
  3. Thanks! I just took your suggestion and found quite a few helpful web sites. I don't know why I couldn't think how or where to go for help!:confused1:
  4. LOL! Sometimes the basics are the answer!
    Update us w/ some cool designs!:yes:
  5. I'll also visit designer websites like,,
    Visit the pricescope forums and do a search...I've seen some beautiful pendants there.