Pencil Skirts

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  1. Hey gals, I've got the sudden urge to buy a whole bunch of tight-fitting, sexy, not-too-long pencil skirts. I've looked far and wide for the perfect styles, and so far Bebe hits it right on the nail. Though, I haven't always been impressed with their quality, so I am wondering if any of you know of different skirts in this style... :flowers: thanks!

  2. they have great basics at United Colors of bennetton. thats where I got two of mine. one is made of cotton and the other in microfiber(polyester)
  3. i love this skirt style-very feminine. i used to wear them when i was in the business industry. got them from theory, laundry, bcbg, etc. they look great with a fitted shirt or sweater set(shell w/cardigan):heart:
  4. I have a lot of pencil skirts. Not embarrassed to admit I got them from H&M
  5. I own several pencil skirts from Reiss and they are very flattering on. Nanette Lepore also came out with a few cute pencil skirts (great for work wear). Her sizing does run a bit bigger though.
  6. Thanks everyone! I wonder if i will be able to find the McQ somewhere to try on; I hate ordering something otherwise

    and yeah, the NL will be bought shortly :p love her styles
  7. me too ;)
  8. I have three only, one basic black, one brown and a denim one. I love them so much, they are soooooo sexy.
  9. I just bought one from BCBG, it's got a little bit of a fishtail in the back and I love it....just haven't had the nerve to wear it! I don't want it to come off as "vampy", so I need the right shoes...
  10. I bought a super cute one from White House/Black Market. It has a high waist and is very fitted with a high slit up the back. Tres chic!