Pencil skirts: how does this style work?

  1. Explain to me how pencil skirts work. I'm new to dressing up - so-to-speak. What occasions? Shoes? Tops? Stockings or no?

    I'm tiny - size 0. How can I get this style to work with me?
  2. Well, pencil skirts must always be yellow and must always be worn with a pink top and two thin green belts!!! :roflmfao:
  3. I think pencil skirts are very classy and sexy (it's hard to find pieces that conjure both images!) I'm also size 0, sometimes 00 in bottoms. Be sure to find a pencil skirt that fits you well. An ill-fitting or baggy-in-the-wrong places skirt (or anything, for that matter), looks cheap and is unflattering. Pair with pumps and a fitted, collared shirt for a professional, put-together look. You can get pencil skirts in many fabrics and colours, and I think they look good with other types of tops, too, but will always look best worn with some kind of heel. Hope this helps!
  4. OoH! your size will look great in a high waisted pencil skirt with a shirt tucked in. saw it today on someone that wears about the same size as you and it was HOT!
  5. I agree. Tucked in buttondown shirts and heels look fab with pencil skirts.

    Just make sure the skirt fits close to your body. I know this might be hard for you, because you are so tiny. But, if a pencil skirt is too big, it will look frumpy.
  6. How they work? :confused1: I'm not sure what you're asking. It's just a particular cut/style. A-line would be wider at the bottom, whereas the pencil skirt is slim and fitted. Either way you just wear it. With or without stockings or shoes...I guess that would just be up to you? :shrugs:
  7. If I am not mistaken, this particular look is the No.2 pencil skirt. :roflmfao:
  8. Love my pencil skirts! I've got them in leathers too!
  9. You can wear them with anything you would normally wear a skirt with. Just make sure it is fitted at the bottom or tuck it in. You don't want tops that stand away from the body. Also make sure you wear some type of heel. If you wear it with boots, it makes your leg look thinner to leave an inch or more exposed between the boot and the skirt (even if there are tights there).
  10. Pencil skirts are my favorite! You can wear them with most anything. I prefer to wear pointy-toe high-heeled pumps with mine. I don't wear stockings because I NEVER wear stockings, but you could go either way.
  11. I agree with Baglover...Pencil skirts are actually really easy to wear and are a classic cut that always looks good(as long as it fits properly)
  12. i just got a great high-waisted tween pencil skirt from Zara. I like to wear it with nice button down shirt for work - or with my james perse black tank top and belt for a fun dinner out.
  13. rofl, this thread is funny
  14. I'm an AU 6-8 which is a US 2-4 (I think). I usually wear mine very high waisted with balloon sleeved tops, tank tops (casually), pussy bow blouses...actually anything really!! And as far as shoes go, they do look better with a bit of heel, although dressy flats can look okay too.
    I love the look, its so classy, but sexy at the same time. I just bought a new black high waisted pencil skirt from kookai and it looks SO hot. It really sucks me in and accentuates my waist.
  15. I love pencil skirts you can really dress them up , you can wear a lot of different tops with them. But as someone else said make sure it and your top fits well and you should be fine.