Penalope Cruz's Beige 2.55?

  1. Does anyone know if this is the beige 2.55? I'm looking for exactly the same one and went to the store to see it. The beige caviar that I was shown is actually darker in color than the one in the pict. Does anyone know if this is a different color rather than the beige in the permanent line? Thanks
    Chanel117 (2).jpg
  2. I'm no Chanel expert, but I don't think it is the 2.55. Looks like the classic flap. And it looks like the beige that they carry in the permanent line to me... I used to have a beige caviar tote and the color looks the same.
  3. oops, the classic flap... i'm more concerned abt the color! different from what i saw in the store though... :sad:
  4. The "classic flap" in this size and the 2.55 are the same thing. Since the re-issue of the 2.55 people seem to be confused...

    From the photograph, it looks like the one she is carrying is in lambskin. It's such a classic color I bet you can find a boutique that will have it or could order it for you.
  5. It's beautiful
  6. It's beautiful!!!
  7. I would love to have that bag myself. Thanks for the pic. Do you want it in lambskin or caviar?
  8. cute bag, but it looks like she's having a hard time walking in those heels. haha.
  9. its gorgeous.. it looks like lambskin, so maybe thats why its lighter than the caviar?
  10. i think hers might be lambskin.. i saw the caviar one in the store and it was so much darker in color, almost like tan! But everyone is saying that the lambskin is so delicate... i would have to go have a look at the caviar again..
  11. hello
    do you get the bag now?
    i'm looking a beige classic flap too, i want silver chains.
    the one available here is only lambskin, very soft and delicate, but I'm afraid it'll get scratch and dirty very easily.
    Do you know any beige with silver chains made of caviar?
  12. hello,
    i am looking for the same bag, but in pink, lambskin (with golden chains) , can anyone advise where I can get it?
  13. I love the beige!! I was debating between the beige caviar and a small navy blue lambskin with a camelia and silver chain. I got the navy blue in the end as it's seasonal. The beige is always in the store, so that'll be my next purchase:biggrin: !! I prefer caviar, though the lambskin is gorgeous, as it's less high maintenance. At least with the caviar, it passes the scratch test!

    Meow, I just saw a small baby pink lambskin two weeks ago in the Chanel store in my country (Malaysia). You're in Tokyo? The Chanel store in Ginza should have it.
  14. Thanks Reena! I will drop by at the Ginza store!
  15. i love that beige and that size bag is perfect for me! I actually brought the classic flap bag in white today... not the lambskin but in caviar? is that what its called?