Pen Marks

  1. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get pen marks out of the inside of my louis vuitton. I bought it from a friend but she said there was a few pen marks on the inside and when i opened it up there was ALOT of pen marks on the inside. So does anyone know how to get them out???:sad:
  2. Is it alcantara (manmade "suede")? I heard pure ethyl alcohol gets pen marks out if you dab it lightly...can anyone confirm?
  3. Yeah, what material is it?
    I don't know about the alcohol thing though.
  4. how about getting pen marks out of a speedy 30?
  5. getting pen marks out from inside a speedy
  6. pull the lining out and wash with soap and water:yes:

    As for the vachetta leather, use a white eraser (the yellow art erasers work well too), and I would personally NOT use alcohol cuz it dries up the leather like mad....
  7. Thanks, I'll try that out
  8. If it's the canvas lining, you can use magic eraser - this worked great on spilled makeup inside my pochette ! :yes:
  9. How about on the epi leather? I did on my epi agenda... :sad: ...
  10. i think gummy eraser would work, or maybe dab lightly with a damp towel and a little soap.
  11. What bag do you have to clean up?
  12. Okay something weird happen to the speedy's lining... its got some white spots around where I cleaned with with soap and water. How do I get rid of that now? Is it just soap scum?
  13. i use magic eraser. my azur pochette on the outise had a 1.5 inch pen mark/writing.
  14. What would you use on the inside of a damier bucket with the orange lining ?
  15. My recommendation is not to use any soap stronger than something you use to wash your delicate fine lingerie.
    You might be able to dab that white ring spot with a damp cloth. Otherwise I kind of sure that ring is now a permanent part of the lining. I hope not for your sake. Keep us posted.