pen marks on patent Sabrina....

  1. My mom REALLY wants this bag pictured below. THe ivory patent leather Sabrina BUT there are HORRIBLE pen marks all over the front of it. It really hurts my eyes to see this...Anyway, IF my mom bought this bag, is there anything that may remove the ink or at least lighten up the marks so that they're less noticeable? I told her I'd ask my Coachies on the forum. If anyone can come up with a solution, its you guys!!! THANKS!:smile:

  2. I was actually talking about this particular bag and the pen marks in the thread "S" on Creed. By the way, I asked the seller to e-mail better pictures of the pen marks and she got my e-mail but I haven't received any pics yet.
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    There was a thread yesterday talking about this exact bag but I cannot find it for some reason.....I will try & locate it. I think someone mentioned how to remove (or at least a method to try) the pen marks.
  4. sorry...I didn't see any threads when I searched regarding this bag. The seller has a low feedback score and 1 negative..... worrys me a bit....

    chrislewis, that is not a good sign when the seller doesn't send additional photos if you request them. :push:

    I'm just wondering if anything will clean up this bag or if its hopeless. Such a shame..the ivory patent is so pretty....
  5. I always thought color transfer on patent is a done deal. I would think pen marks fall in that category. Hopefully someone else can chime in on whetehr it is or it isn't a done deal.
  6. Not sure what the price is at now, but do you think magic eraser could help?
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    $123 is the price at the moment...which is a good deal but if it goes higher than $200 I'm not sure its worth it. The seller isn't sending additional photos, has a low feedback score and 1 negative. The bag could be worse than the 1 photo is showing and if the marks don't budge, :tdown: ....such a pretty bag but if its covered in bad ink stains that won't budge, who wants to carry a bag like that? I'm going to leave the decision up to my mom. She's the one who wants it so badly. If she wins, I'll post additional pics and our results with stain removal...

    anyone else have luck removing stains off patent?
  8. I think you may be referring to my post...
    I had a tan leather coach bag and I got ink stains out with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. However, I must mention that it was regular leather, not patent. But you can call the Coach store and ask them about the Coach leather cleaner.
  9. I looked at the other stuff she is selling and a lot of it has pen marks on it. I really think she has a child with a pen that got into Mommy's purses. I'm spoiled, my son hasn't had the urge to write on my stuff. Plus mine are locked in a cabinet when not in use. LOL
  10. you're probably right. I would just die if my kids got a hold of a pen and wrote on my Coach bags...:rant:
  11. I think Kathyrose is correct - marks on patent tend to be a done deal. I would pass.
  12. ^^ Oh I know!!! My hubby doesn't even hold a pen near one of my bags. :roflmfao:
  13. I requested the pics to see if it was down into the material or if it was just surface. If it is just surface it might be possible to get it off but if it is down in to the leather then I don't think there is anything that can be done.
  14. I just thought I'd repost this for those who missed it in the thread "S" on creed. This is what I did on my sister-in-laws yellow patent bag, and pair of my other sister-in-laws Carlos Santana heels. It worked like a charm. They had scuff marks.

    "An eraser will take scuff and pen marks off patent. Just rub lightly. I especially like using a gum eraser, but any eraser will work just fine. Works on shoes too!"
  15. thanks for the tip! ;)