Pen marks on Monogram Groom

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  1. I have lots of little blue pen marks (i think it's from a pen) on the white strip of my groom agenda, i don't know how it got there!

    It's not overly obvious but I do notice it everytime I look at my agenda.

    Is there any safe way to get this off? Will babywipes or erasers work, or is that only with vachetta?
  2. Not sure what will work to take it off but I wish you luck! Hopefully someone else here on the forum can give you advice.
  3. Sorry that happened..I have no idea how to remove it without damaging the white strip. Good luck..
  4. Umm are they like litte blue dots? or like streaks? any pics? Umm baybe try baby wipes but it will be hard seeing as the mono canvas is bumby and the little grooves will be hard to clean, THAT IS IF baby wipes work, DONT try rubbing alcohol or magic erasers (mr.clean) becuase they are both really abrasive and will cause the uncoated paint of the groom to peel off, and I dont know about a plain white eraser, might work but,try it lightly in a small spot maybe and see what happens. So sorry about this, hopefully it will work out. But try and post pics, I'd like to see what you mean. :flowers:
  5. call 1866. thats what it says in the care booklet if you have anyproblems with your bag :smile:
  6. I'm in New Zealand so that number won't work.

    Will try and post pics tomorrow. I'm sure it's not pen though because I keep my Groom Cles with my agenda and that is fine, and also the pen in my bag isn't in contact with the agenda.
  7. Have you tried just rubbing it off gently with a little bit of water?
  8. I just tried it and no, it didn't work. But thanks for your suggestion
  9. I am sorry that happened.
  10. I went to LV today and my SA took it off with an eraser. She said they'd normally use alcohol afterwards as well, but not on a screen print since it would take the picture off.

    Thanks for all your responses.
  11. i think if you try to clean it, will wash of the white print too.....
  12. I googled it and lots of people said "try hairspray".
    I am not so sure though.
  13. Oh ok. Well now i know that an eraser is safe to use on the screen print, but am keeping my agenda in the dustbag from now on, which is a bit annoying since i have to take it out all the time, but i'd rather do that than get it dirty