Pen marks on light pink bag, any hope?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just received a light pink Sofia that I just love but it has a ton of pen marks all over it. What do you think is my best bet to clean them off? Rubbing Alcohol? Im so scared to ruin it!:sweatdrop:

  2. Do not use alcohol! That can ruin the dye on the bag. Ink is very difficult to remove from a bag, especially if it's had a chance to settle in. I read that one of the members was able to remove pen with Apple Garde cleaner, but I haven't had any luck with it.
  3. I would love to know the answer to that question too. I just received a leather jacket in a light grayish color and it has a pen mark that I would love to remove
  4. I actually sent my Blake to Lovinmybags for different reasons, one of them being a ink mark on parts of the leather. I just got word that it was finished and being shipped out to me(great b-day present to me!) So I will let you know how it turned out. That may be an option for you:yes:
  5. That's great JAP4Life! I am such a big fan of LMB... and Barbara is sooo very nice and helpful. Please do tell how it turns out...and Happy Birthday too:flowers:
  6. Thank you girl! I will report asap!
  7. Hairspray will remove ink. But be very careful and go slowly. Spray a white rag til it is wet and gently wipe at the spot. I did this to a Cole Haan in yellow leather, ink marks were safely removed! GL!!
  8. Thanks everyone, I will try the hairspray if not maybe send it to LMB. I really love the bag so I hope they come out!!
  9. I had a question, is a "white eraser" the LMB talks about the Mr. Clean magic eraser??
  10. Oooh Jap4Life - I can't wait to find out how it turned out!!!!! And krasata20 - I'd wait to hear Jap4Life's results before sending it. I would definitely avoid trying anything iffy like rubbing alcohol. :smile:
  11. Part of me is excited, the other part is a nervous wreck. I've heard wonderful things from Bal Gals..but still...

    The thought of hairspray on my MJ leather frightens me.
  12. LOL it scares me too but I really want to wear the bag out already :girlsigh:
  13. I know what you mean.:Push: I believe the white eraser is in fact that Magic Eraser...Maybe try that! How old are the ink marks? Any idea?
  14. I have no idea since I got it on ebay, but I would guess they are at least a few months old. I will go buy an eraser tonight and try on a spot that is not too visible.