pen marks inside azur pochette

  1. I have been using my azur pochette lately and I clearily have a lot of purses with dark interior because I have a pen in my purse and it left !!a lot!! of marks on the inside. Any ideas how to get them of?

    I know i should be in tears right now but i love my bags and buy them to use them, so hey, this happens, and no-one will ever see the marks... (Thats's what I keep telling myself :crybaby:* be strong*)
  2. Maybe you can find you answer in the cleaning products on the top section.
    (Frequently asked questions)
  3. Try the stain remover that comes with a Dryel kit. Do not put it directly on the lining or it will stain. Put it on a cotton ball and rub gently. It gets out just about anything.
  4. Definitely try the dryel and also call your lv SA. They usually have heard it all and can give you some tips. Good luck!
  5. I don't have any advice about how to remove the marks. However, I have some advice in regard to keeping pen ink off the interior of your bags: little snack-sized zip lock bags. I keep a pen, mechanical pencil, and lip gloss in one. Yes, I've had a friend make fun of me for doing that but my bags never have pen marks as a result. So, it's a good trade off. Good luck!!
  6. how about the tide to go markers? i've never tried it so don't sue me if it stains but it's supposed to work great on fabrics and esp pen marks!
  7. I have one of those but I'd hesitate to use it on a bag because it's very wet when you apply it. Also, it's supposed to be used for food stains and doesn't work well on ink. It doesn't work all that well on food, either.
  8. does old fashioned hairspray still work on ink stains??
  9. Soak the stained area with cold water (use a cloth) and gently rub the stains out with gall soap. Then dry with your hair dryer (cold button on!).
    I used it to remove the pen marks inside my Epi Noe (the lining's colour is pepper - green/greyish).
    The stains disappeared within a few seconds and the colour did not change - no water rings left! I just couldn't believe it!! :nuts:

    If you have greasy stains, then I suggest using the so-called "terre de sommières" (don't know if there is any English translation..) which is a fine clay powder that absorbs any of them on leather, suede and fabric.
    My T&B mini pochette accessoires lining got stained on its very first day of use :cursing: I put this clay on the stains for the whole night, gently rubbed it off the next morning and.. voilà! No more stains!
  10. I've used a q-tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol to get ink marks off of clothing.