Pen mark on vachetta

  1. Hello all-
    A friend text messaged me this morning because she got a pen mark on the vachetta of her month old pochette croissant. I told her not to do anything until I asked all of you for your advice. What should she do? Can anything even be done? Thanks.
  2. Well, I know that if I use a white eraser to lightly rub an ink stain off it works when I do it *right* after I get the stain. I'm not sure if it will work if the stain has set in. She could give it a try, though.
  3. Yeah the eraser works if you do it soon, or if it's a pencil mark...otherwise, you're out of luck. Ink is really hard to remove.
  4. My fiance got a small ink mark on the vachette part (very small marks) before and good quality white eraser definitely work. But please be careful and do it slowly and don't rub too hard on the leather. And it would be a good idea to use a high quality eraser (Staedtler would do, you can find it at art & craft stores) since a low quality one usually very abrasive.
  5. I once had a huge pen mark on the vachetta of my chantilly. I used mr clean magic eraser and it did the trick!
  6. I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it significantly lightened an ink mark on vachetta. I was careful to only use it directly over the ink mark, though.
  7. I've tried everything, and so far nothing has happened to my pen mark.
  8. Clean it very gently when using the eraser. It's a very powerful too I heard.
  9. I used baby wipes on my BH vachetta. Worked perfectly.
  10. or maybe you can buy a charcoal eraser at art shops... i think it's stronger to clean marks than ordinary white eraser. and it's soft too. it cleans charcoal whic is bolder than pencil.
  11. HAIRSPRAY removes pen. I successfully used it on a pair of ugg boots. Good luck!
  12. Did you use it wet, slightly damp, or dry?
  13. well i squeezed out the water so the eraser was dry at touch. but when i started lightly scrubbing, a little water ends up coming out. it all dries even though, and my pen mark was gone!