Pen mark on Pink jacket - Arg!

  1. My sister accidentally made a pen mark on the inside of her pink and white stripped jacket - any way to remove it? The jacket is probably dry clean only. Thanks. :flowers:
  2. Hey! There are some great spot removers out now, I love the Tide pen, it's fan-tas-tic!
  3. My best kept stain secret in a pinch is HAIRSPRAY..I use my sebastian shaper spray on all my gets most of it out till I can get to the dry cleaner...
  4. I'd take it to a dry cleaner and have a professional deal with it. No offense to Jill... I've read that hairspray does not work on all kinds of ink and that it's more an urban legand. But if it works--stick with it!
  5. OMG i was just getting ready to say that. hairspray is the best thing. i always carry some with me. i had a white top and went to dinner. got a little red sauce on me and went straight to the ladies room. sprayed and then dabbed and instantly faded.;)
  6. i just bought a white cotton sweater and when i got home i realized it had a small ink stain. i sprayed, dabbed and it was gone. it has worked for me and Jill:biggrin: . but i understand it may not work for all:huh: .
  7. Alcohol, hairspray or Zout.