Pen Mark on my Cloudy Bundle!

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  1. I got a really really small pen mark on my cloudy bundle, which is made of crushed lambskin leather, what would be the best way to remove the makr without damaging the leather? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I have the CB as well and the leather is very soft. Have you done a search? Some gals have had good luck with putting a very small amount of nail polish remover on a q-tip and very gently wiping it over the pen mark to remove it.

    What color is your bag and where is the mark? The location would make up my mind whether or not I would try to remove it myself or leave it to the hands of a professional.
  3. Its a really tiny line, but its on the front of the bag towards the bottom on one of the diamonds. I have the olive greenish color, i don't remember what color chanel called it.
  4. I have the "white" CB tote, which really is a beige color. I've gotten pen marks & denim stains off my CB with Lovin My Bags Luxury cleaner:
    Hope that helps!
  5. thanks so much totoro!! I am going to order some now, did it take any of the finish or color out of the cloudy bundle?

  6. I woudln't risk nail polish on a dark coloured bag..I would like to know as well since I got some pen marks on my whisky paddy..
  7. Nope, didn't take any color off at all. Just remember, a little goes a long way, so in your case I would maybe use a cotton swab with a bit of cleaner on it to clean the pen mark then wipe/polish it with a clean cloth.
  8. Thank you so much!!! Once I get it I will let everyone know how it went!