pen mark on LV...

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  1. hi there! my mom and i were cleaning the house and found one of her old LV duffle bags. the thing is...she lent it to my grandparents once and they gave it back to her with their names on the big fat block letters, really dark pen marks. we're just wondering if there's someway to get it off? the name is REALLY big....=P thanks!
  2. can you take it to a LV to have it cleaned? or maybe use some vinegar to get it off? Maybe someone else might have a better answer.
  3. My sneeky suspicion is that those names were written with permanent marker. I can't imagine what could remove them......sorry.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking :sad:
  5. I'm still waiting for my 1st LV to come in the mail so I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer this but if it isn't permanent marker, try hairspray...that removes ink (not sure if it would work since it has been on the bag for awhile). Also, maybe that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would work, I wouldn't try a huge spot but maybe just a small spot. Not sure what makes it "magic" but I'd hate to ruin the bag completely if it doesn't work. Good luck with that. Sounds like a nice bag to have!
  6. Try the boutique, they might have a solution!!
  7. If the canvas is in good shape, maybe you can replace the vachetta.

    ME might be your only option - I would try that first.
  8. got this from Cleaning LV thread
    dont know if it will help if it a permanent marker...

  9. thanks for all the tips! i think it's blue ink mark. im tried a white eraser which only got off the last letter of the name because it was pretty light...but the rest of the name...i think they traced their names that I will try with all the tips above =P Thanks again! hope it works!
  10. thanks for the info- I got a pen mark on my bag yesterday(still can't figure out how)- most of it came off with an eraser-trying to decide if I should buy the alcohol- not sure if I'm brave enough