Pen for vernis agenda pm

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  1. I have this agenda in framboise and I'm looking for a pen to put into this tiny loop. I don't like the LV pens to go with it and I actually think that 250$ for an ugly pen is too much. Which pen do you use???
  2. I only use LV, only because it was made for the agenda and it fits perfectly. Have you seen the Nails Agenda pen? It comes in several colors.
  3. There was a thread on here about purchasing really tiny silver pens for like $6 or something.

    I purchased one off the website given in the thread and I love it! Maybe you could do a search for it...
  4. I actually don't mind spending $$$ on a beautiful but those pink, bule things they offer are just not my taste. I would love to get a Montblanc into the loop but they are all to big. I'll go and try to find the thread. Thanks!!
  5. I believe the pen is from I have the small ring framboise agenda, so I ordered a pen from daytimer. For $11 I got the small silver pen, two refills, and shipping. At first it was a bit of a tight fit to get the pen into the loop, but it comes out and goes in more easily now. I wouldn't even consider buying an LV pen, so this is perfect for me!
  6. AgendaWPen_1.jpg AgendaWPen_2.jpg
  7. I noticed in the picture I posted that the pen looks like it has a gold tip, but it does not, the whole pen is stainless steel.
  8. hey thats nice for the price! I've been looking for one too. Its been very frustrating since I'm not about to pay $300 for a pen I'm just gonna' end up losing...
  9. Tanja, if you don't mind spending the $$$ you may want to consider the small pen they have at Tiffany's. That's what one of my friends did to try to fit into that tiny hole, and not only was it a perfect fit, it looked gorgeous too!
  10. I just noticed that Tanja is in Munich... Lamy is a German manufacturer, you should have no problem finding this pen locally. :biggrin: