Pen for small ring agenda

  1. Where can I find a small pen that will fit the small ring agenda?

    i used to have little one that fit in my porte tresor international but now I can't find it.

    Anyone know where I can get one?
  2. go to any LV, they have pens to fit the slots perfectly.
  3. I got mine at -- paid about $7 including shipping. 6248AB457112C4&aid=False&wu=0&keycode=&line=&PP=&c id=10&Origin=&solution_nmbr=63167

    You can see a pic of it in my agenda here:

    There are some other threads in the forum -- try searching for pen and agenda and you'll see some other recommendations. I'm replacing my pen (one of these days) with a gold pen to match the paper and the hot stamp.
  4. Thanks twoharley--

    I was looking for something inexpensive like that. I was trying to avoid the expensive LV ones. :lol:
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