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  1. Okay this is irking me hah. I want an LV pen case. But I'm not so sure I like the LV pen case I saw on the LV site; it's not quite what I wanted though I am curious about it, if anyone knows how much it costs (it's not on Eluxury or at my store). Mont Blanc has cases to match my pens, but they are plain boring black and only black, so I don't want those. Does anyone know of a small simple case at least 6" in length and no more than 2 inches tall that could possibly fit my pens? Do you guys use the LV pen case, or do you use a small LV pouch? :smile:
  2. Personally I don't like Mont Blanc leather too but I bought one to match my maisterstuck :smile: From Vuitton I like denim one (called trousse speedy GM-250euro). But to match your MB, proably black one(?) it will be problem. There is one in monogram called Etui Stylos (95euro) but I like MB better, lol
  3. I almost bought one to match mine too, since my fave pen that I own is the Classique Meisterstuck PT (I'm an English major, I use pens a lot o-o). But I just wasn't very fond of having a plain black cover; I've been hoping for an attractive Louis Vuitton case or a bright colored Hermes pen case (or small pouch to hold them), but I don't even know if those exist or not :/ Plus the salespeople at my MB are so snobby, they won't even speak to you when you walk in, and the service is terrible!
  4. I have a lovely Mont Blanc case to match my MB fountain pen: it is black but has a really punchy red lining when you open it. The leather is super soft and beautiful. Kate Spade also has pretty (cheaper) leather pencil cases in some nice colors. I have a coral one. Nice to hear you are an English major (I teach English at a university).
  5. I was in Longchamp today and they had one that looked pretty nice it was $78. if I remember correctly.
  6. I have the LV monogram Etui Stylos, pen case, and love it! Although I am an accessories hog and love all LV accessories, this piece is the piece that I use the most and love the most because it protects my bags and provides a nice cushy environment for my beloved pens. I hate seeing pen marks inside of bags. I don't have a pic of the pen case but I can tell you that I place three pens inside of mine. Two leopard print Sensa pens and one golden Cross pen with my signature inscribed on it. :p Go for the pen case, you'll be glad you did!
  7. This might be silly but you can try the Taiga Etui 3 Robusto's measures 6.3" x 3.3" x 1". It's a hard case for cigars.
    Once upon a time LV has many pen and pencil cases similar to those from 'kate spade'. They were discontinued about 10 years ago.
  8. I also have the pen case and I just love it! I went into LV one day (which is a TREAT for me because I live many many hours from one) and just couldn't leave empty-handed... I love pens to begin with, too.

    Eluxury has it right now for $140. Sometimes you have to search for vuitton pen because it's not in the listings... but it's almost always on the site! Not sure why they forget to list it? :shrugs:

    Mine looks like this:

  9. OP does not like the monogram pen case... just wanted to point to out...(don't shoot me ppl:sweatdrop:) :flowers:
  10. But OP was curious about it and the price. ;)
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  13. [​IMG]

    looks like a nice pen case =] well.. sure it can fit like 20 pens.
  14. Thanks, Eva!:flowers:::sweatdrop::girlsigh: