Pen Anyone!

  1. I am in the market for a new pen to keep in my purse. I have an old Mont Blanc I purchased years ago. I am not an expert in the area.
    I would like a pen in the same price range.
  2. stick to montblanc they are just the best ;)
  3. I have a Parker Duofold with platinum accents which I love, it's such a wonderful writing implement. I'll admit it's cheaper than a Montblanc but as something that'll bang around in my bag, it's great, durable and lovely.
  4. I have a waterman and a montblanc set. I love them both...they are truely not the same price range, but, I really do get good use from my watermans....perhaps it is because I am sentimentally attached to them...and, I am not so afraid of losing it. I keep my montblanc at my desk.
  5. You should check out Cartier. I recently went pen-shopping with DH. I don't know much about pen, but he said all out of the ones we saw (including a few Mont Blancs), the Cartier one he ended up getting was the nicest.
  6. The Fisher Space Pen (Bullet)

    From their website:
    "It was dependable in freezing cold and desert heat. It could also write underwater and upside down."

    and it's true!
  7. I was toying with the idea of a waterman or a montblanc for my handbag, but am afraid it may leak ink??? Is my fear justified, what have been your experiences??
  8. I have had zero leaking problems with my waterman set...(I have a fountain pen as well as the standard...what do we call that????....) no worries...but I have a very nice (I love it) longchamp pen case, so no worries there...makes the pens easier to find as well:yes:

  9. That's good to hear! I was thinking I may have to settle for a ballpoint pen and then cap it... but now I think I'll start looking at the fountain pen versions :amuse:
  10. for that matter I don't have problems with either of my montblancs either...but then, I don't carry them in my bag....but, I am sure, with a pen case, I would not even hesitate...

    you can also have an upright pen pocket in some custom bags (I just ordered one with the Jennifer Marvin bag I am waiting for... they are doing a pen case for me to fit in the pocket, which will be right next to the cell pocket (I am an organization freak...but, I hate for a bag to look too "practical"... if it can be ergonomic, and look whimsical in an elegant way...then that is my bag...having one like this with a pen case, and a pocket for that pen case, fits my crazy Organizational side to a tee...for me, this provides double leakage protection and makes my pens so easy to find at the same time :yes:
  11. nope, you should be just fine with a good pen know, I don't think I had ever even noticed one before moving to France...maybe I was blind??? I can't imagine putting a pen in my bag without one now....
  12. I'm a journalist with a really good editor=))))
    so, I am a pen freak by nature=)
  13. i have this one too

    i LOVE it and it's perfect for my needs (i wouldn't want to carry a spendy pen around with me...i'd lose it), but it's not as nearly as nice as the montblanc pens i've written with. it does write upside down/up against the wall though which is SO handy.
  14. I agree ilzabet. It's great!
  15. I love my Mont Blanc. I'd stick with them.
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