Pelvic Exam

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  1. :confused1: Hi ladies,
    I'm so confused and a little worried right now. I had a pelvic ultrasound today (I've had them before). The tech took a really long time, printed out a bunch of images and left the room to "check on something." She then comes back in and says she's going to check my kidneys:confused1:. She spent a lot of time on my kidneys, then left the room again. She comes back in w/ the doc, the doc starts asking me LOTS of questions and does a second pelvic ultrasound!!! The doctor said she'd get my results over to my doctor as soon as she could.

    I'm totally freaking out. The problem I've been having is bouts of very painful, intense, pelvic pain. I don't have any bleeding (aside from my cycle). Please let me know if anyone might know what's going on.

  2. Did you ask the doctor why a second pelvic ultrasound was needed?

    I hope everything turns out okay! *hugs*
  3. You could have a kidney infection. I've had one before and I know they are very painful. In my case, all I needed was a round of antibiotics to clear up the infection. Good luck and don't fret!
  4. No, I didn't ask. I don't think they're allowed to give out any information regarding what they do or don't find or maybe see in the ultrasound. I have to wait for them to send the report to my pc doctor.

    I'm heading to take a bubble bath and have a glass of wine, so I'll check in tomorrow.
  5. Wow, I wish that I could offer some consolation. I feel bad that you have to wait for answers. I'm sending hugs your way.
  6. Wha? Why would they not be able to give you information? This is your body and health we're talking about. Next time, if you have questions, ask them.
  7. Maybe since it was a technician and not a doctor doing the tests they're not qualified to assess that information? Either way, you should be able to call and have your doctor call you back to answer your questions. Hope everything is all right!
  8. The tech and the doctor are only allowed to send the report of the ultrasound to my primary care doctor who ordered the ultrasound. Hopefully, I'll hear the results from my doctor by the end of the week. I hate waiting!!
  9. I personally wouldn't wait - call your pc doctor's office and ask if they've gotten the report yet and if not, when will they be getting it. If you don't call and ask, they'll just wait to contact you until they get around to it. It is your heath - you can be a little pushy to get the attention you deserve. Good luck!
  10. They are not allowed to tell you anything you have to hear it from your regular doctor. My friends sister has had a lot of pain but no bleeding and it has turned out that she has have cysts. They have happened to her a few times in the past few years. So now when she gets the pain she goes back to the doctors. I am not sure how she got rid of them. I do recall her being put on medication and also going to the doctors to possibly get them taken out. But I know it was not big deal. So all your worry may be over nothing. It is better to be safe than sorry, so I would wait for your doctor to get the results and then take it from there. Waiting is the worst. I was told by my surgeon I had stage 2 breast cancer just by him looking at my mammogram, got a biopsey and he was it really is better for a doctor to have what ever tests results he needs to make the correct diag.
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I actually did call my pc doc's office today, nothing yet. But, I know all the office gals, they are great. If they don't receive it by tomorrow afternoon, she said they call.

    My best friend has had multiple cysts, some they take out, some they leave alone, one burst, it was so painful for her. My pain is different from what she experienced, but everyone's body responds differently, so who knows.

    Gilliana, so sorry to hear about your terrible scare, I would be livid w/ that surgeon. I hope you're in good health now.
  12. Happy to report, ultrasound only showed a uterine fibroid, which would not be the source of pain, but nothing serious was found.
  13. Fibroids can actually cause a lot of pain. Even if they are small.

    Been there, done that.