Pelham ??

  1. Does anyone have this bag?? I think I'm going to get it at Saks next week when the triple points start, but I was a little concerned about the braided straps. Did anyone have a problem with them coming loose or anything like that. Thanks!!!!!! ::yes:
  2. the first time i saw this bag...i didnt think too much of it...i was too busy buying paddingtons and examining which spybag to buy...but yesterday i looked closer..took the bag down and tried it on..and omg..i totally had to have it! haha...its so comfortable on yur shoulder and looks SOO nice on...i didnt even expect that...i look at the spybag i have at home..and i love the pelham so much better! anyways i got it in the choco brown guccissima leather and its great. i asked my sa about the straps too..and shes pretty honest with me cuz both my mom and i have bought only from her for many years..and she told me that with time they will get worn..but it will take much abuse to wear it out. she said that no one has reported any of the braids coming loose though~~ which is great! =DD
  3. Thanks!! :yes: That's so funny, bc I felt that way about the pelham at 1st also! But I went into Gucci last week for the presale and I tired it on and I fell in love!! I love the spy also I'm having a hard time deciding...maybe I should just get both! lol
  4. Kyliereese has this bag, she has it in ivory leather. This bag is just beautiful IRL :love:
  5. I have the bag but in ivory too. The leather is really durable. I haven not had any problem with the braiding.
  6. Anyone likes the same bag in Pigna pattern? How's that canvas quality?
  7. I love the pelham! Most of the ones on ebay are fakes though.
  8. I just ordered one from Neimans yay!!!
  9. ^ was it on sale?
  10. ^^ nope, they wont ever go on sale. the white trim is on backorder for 8 weeks.