Pelham leather- plain or gucci???

  1. I just bought a Pelham in the chocolate brown. I bought the gucci leather then changed my mind 5 minutes later and got the plain leather. I'm not really into logos on things so I thought the plain leather was more classic. But the gucci leather in choco is gorgeous the way it catches the light....

    Any pros or cons on these 2 types of leather??? I appreciate you opinions!!!!
  2. I personally prefer the Guccissima leather to the plain leather...I find the logos to be not too in-your-face and still very classy looking.
  3. I also prefer the guccissima pelham, but if you are not into logos, the plain leather ones are very nice also.
  4. I love, love the Guccissima but I often wonder whether I will love this line in 10 years. What screams "chic" to me at 23 may not hold up in 5 years. The Guccissima is hot(hot,hot) but the plain leather Pelham will probably hold up well over the years! Congrads!
  5. Me too will vote for guccissima. I don't know if it will be more resistant to scratches?! It seems that it will. I am normally not a logos person but the guccissima leather does not scream "logo" all over, it is kind of settle. With the imprint of the logo, the bag seems more "lively" and dimensional.
  6. :yes::yes:
  7. Oh no! Now I am wondering if I should exchange the bag (again!!!). My SA is going to slap me!!!
  8. I LOVE Guccissima Leather. I have a Black Guccissima Pelham & it's my favorite bag.
  9. Another vote for the Guccissima. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Guccissima leather. I have a few bags and they are my favorites.
  10. :heart: guccissima :heart:
  11. I was originally going to purchase the plain black leather but then I saw the guccissima and fell in love with it. I agree that the logo is subtle, you almost need to look at it up close to actually see it. It's a beautiful bag regardless of whether you have the logo or not. Congrats! Chocolate brown is gorgeous too!
  12. :heart: the Guccissima leather, it's unique and you cannot get it anywhere else.
  13. If you aren't big into logos, I vote the plain leather. I think those bags are lovely.