pelham, does it go on sale?

  1. I know its a classic bag, but it has to be cheaper someplace? Has anyone ever seen it below $1330 besides eBay of course; I can never bring myself to buy from there ever since I got a fake fendi.
  2. The plain brown leather version of this bag was 70% off at Saks last christmas.
  3. the chocolate guccissima?
  4. no the smooth leather
  5. It may not since it is a part of the classic collection - you could always wait for those store events, such as the buy some get some back or friends and family events.
  6. Sometimes they have the one day 10% off sale that includes classics.
  7. I wish they've the 10% this year, I NEED another Gucci! Do you think they will have another one near Mother's Day?
  8. Theres one on Anns Fabulous Finds right now, but it's white leather trim. GOOD LUCK!
  9. LOL, I love how you say you NEED another one. I hope they have the 10%! I think there is a chance of it, but I've not heard anything yet.
  10. me too i love to find out as soon as their is some information on it
  11. Not trying to be an enabler here (ha ha!)...I have this bag and absolutely adore it. I can't say enough great things about it!
  12. bee they should do 10% just before the june sales... ya think? - i hope!!