Pelham dilemma!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to purchasing my first Gucci (Pelham). I bought one from eBay last week and was excited about it until I opened the box. First, it kind of had a musky not-so-leather odor. Second, the trim was more cream than white/off white than I expected (did Gucci ever make a Pelham with cream trim?). Third, the leather did not look smooth (but I don't know if Gucci makes their Pelhams that way).

    On the otherhand, the bag says "Gucci" on the snap and under the zipper. There is a serial number under the tag that says 137621 205011. Am I being played?

    Please take a look at the picks I took of the bag.
    IMG01.jpg IMG02.jpg IMG04.jpg IMG05.jpg IMG03.jpg
  2. Here are more pics.
    IMG06.jpg IMG07.jpg IMG08.jpg IMG09.jpg IMG10.jpg
  3. Two more pics.

    The first picture of the bag at the beginning of this thread is closest to the actual color. It's almost yellowy. Is the leather trim supposed to be rough or smooth?
    IMG11.jpg IMG12.jpg
  4. i'm not sure. fabric doesn't look quiet right but i could be wrong. you might get more answers if you put it in authenticate this. good luck.
  5. The ladies are right, this bag is a fake. A lot of ebayers will take the bag back if they "guarenteed it authentic". You may not get the shipping charge refunded, though. You should report them for selling a fake if they guarenteed it was authentic, also. Before you purchase on eBay again, take advantage of the ladies in the "Authentic This" thread. They are very helpful and can help you possibly find a decent, REAL bag from eBay.
  6. sucha newbie at this ....I thought this could ve been real as well..yikesss I need some major help before buying on ebay.
  7. Interesting I purchased a medium pelham bag from ebay and received it in the mail yesterday!.
    My one is a dark brown smooth leather trim and I thought the quality was very good however was very disappointed when i realised the item was shipped from China (seller is located in Australia with 100% postitive feedback) The bag came with the black gucci print dust bag, contrallato card, care card and a blk with white writing care card also.
    i am having massive doubts about the authenticity as the serial number is exactly the same as 137261 205011!!! However the type of font is slightly different.
    The buyer however does not offer refunds. Anyone know if i am able to report this on ebay for them to take action as I believe people are not permitted to sell counterfeit goods!
    Please help.
    I can post pics of the bag when I get home this evening also...
  8. I think u should take a picture of the serial number and post it on here :smile:
  9. If the bag turns out to be fake and was paid via Paypal or credit card, you will get your money back. You might have to get it authenticated in writing. Please post pictures and let us take a took.
  10. Havent had the chance to take pics last nite... but curious to know, does the same Gucci bag actually have the same serial numbers ? or is it just the first 6 digits (the item code)??
    As if the first bag Jenchi got has the same serial # as mine, doesnt that confirm its a fake?
    I only own one authentic baby pink Joliceur from 06 spring summer collection and cant compare the serial # there to any other bag...
  11. i too just got a pelham bag from ebay with the same 137621 205011 number i am assuming that this too is a fake since the numbers are the same, I am giving the seller 24 hours to give me my money back before I report her as a fraud,
    I paid through paypal, does anyone know do i get my money back?
  12. I have an authentic one with the brown braided handles. My serial number is 162900 203419.

    Let me know if you need close-ups of mine.

    Mine was purchased at Gucci, South Coast Plaza, Ca.
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