Pekinois scarf?

  1. Ladies, I´ve fallen in love with a scarf called Pekinois it has pekinise dogs drawn on it. I absolutely love it and would love to see different colourways and how it looks tied. Anyone have this scarf that can share some light on it?

    Reference courtesy of HSCI
  2. Hi, . I cant see your pic but I saw a pink and grey one just recently on eBay. Meant to bid on it and then forgot :cursing: I thought it was lovely.
  3. I fixed the link, it should work now. I´ve never spotted this on european eBay
  4. nolaYes, it was this scarf. I have just checked my eBay. heres some pics. sold for £240.
    pek.jpg pek1.jpg
  5. OMG how cute is that?? I haven't ever seen it before. It's darling.
  6. Hey, Cyn, don't you think Hermes needs to come out with a golden retriever scarf?
  7. Raz-Ah that´s the pink colourway, so precious! I wonder if this exists in other colourways than pink/white.
  8. And Labradors.
  9. And Maltese.
  10. YES a Golden scarf would be great!
    If I'm not mistaken, there is a scarf with Labradors on it--it's one of the hunting ones, right? Or am I just randomly imagining something? Totally possible, especially in the morning. Heh.
  11. You can see it in red& black, pink and white colourways here

    I want one with Burmese cats on it :lol:
  12. Pekinois comes in many cws but its rare so you should just try to get whichever one you can

    Poret also designed a Lab scarf specifically -- "Monarch"

    There might be Burmese cats in Les Chats scarf, I cant remember
  13. Loony thank you! I can´t believe I didn´t find it there, I guess I misspelled.
  14. [​IMG]

    a different Poret cat scarf
  15. Seton, thank you for sharing this gorgoeus scarf! I need that one too:nuts: