Peircing my daughters ears?

  1. I hope this is in the right place i'm not sure?:push:

    My Daughter was two a few weeks ago and i wanted to get her ears pierced, i had mine done at about 18 months old and a second hole when i was about 10 and it didn't hurt, but im scared it will hurt her and she will hate me!

    Your opinions would be much apreciated :smile:
  2. Personally if I were a mother I'd never get my childs ears pierced until they were old enough to voice if that's what they wanted or not. I got mine pierced at 6/7 and I pestered my mum until she said yes even then.

    I think if you do go ahead with it though you daughter wouldn't hate you, yes getting a piercing can be painful, but I don't think it'd be a frightful memory for her all the same.
  3. I dont think it will scar her memory or anything! She wont remember the pain. I didnt pierce my daughters ears until she was older. I think she was 7 and she had been asking me to get it done.
  4. At 2, you daughter will definitely know what is going on & will probably cry & move around. I would say, at this point, if she has asked I would do it as long as you explain really well what is going to happen, if she hasnt asked dont do it & wait until she asks. I got my daughters ears pierced at 3 months by her pediatrician. They were pierced badly; not aligned and on an angle. she is 16 months old now, I took them out a few months ago hoping they will close since she is young and her skin is still supple-we will see.
  5. I'm a big believer in waiting until your child is old enough to make their own decisions before putting holes in their head. But...that's just me.

    If you really want to do it - then make sure you go to a reputible place - I would suggest your pediatricians office or even a plastic surgery office. Our neighbor had both of her daughters' ears done there.
  6. i'm not a mom -- but as someone who pierces ears, i think the younger they are the better! when/if i have a little girl .. she's getting them pierced within the first 6 months .. lol!

    sometimes when they get to be older 5 .. 6 .. 7 .. they have a harder time [ not all - but most ive pierced within that age ] .. they just know what's going on & there's going to be some kind of "pain" involved so i think it makes it harder. but when they're younger they really don't understand what's going to happen -- i don't think she's going to hate you, and yeah she might cry .. but make sure they do it at the same time .. and she'll have really cute ears! :biggrin:
  7. If you do get it done, do NOT go to a place that pierces with guns. They are the WORST thing to do any piercings with.

    Reputable Tattoo and Piercing parlors are a great place to get it done. They're very sanitary and you can get great, high quality jewelry there.
  8. I dont know how it is in other cities but no tattoo/piercing place would do my daughter ears. Too bad they wouldnt, I'm sure they would have be nice & even.
  9. Here in Mexico, it's quite normal for baby girls to have their ears pierced not long after they're born. Sometimes they'll even do it for you in hospitals! I don't think it's something that would forever scar your daughter but I do believe children can make a big fuss over little pain, so make sure you're prepared lol.

    Also, as someone else said, do NOT get them pierced with one of those guns. I had a second hole done once when I was like 16 and it's horrible. The earring didn't go all the way through the first time, got stuck then my ear bled and so on. Doing it with a sterilised needle like they do in tattoo/piercing parlors is faster and less pain.
  10. My daugher wanted her ears pierced when she was 7 years old. Her doctor did it and it was perfect. I would rather go to a doctor or dermatologist than those places in the malls where young girls that work there do it. It didn't hurt her and she is very happy.
  11. It wont be something that your daughter will remember, but I think its such an exciting thing to have done.
    I had mine done as a mark of being a big sister when my little brother was born when I was 9, thats all i wanted!

    My sister also had her ears pierced for her 9th Bday, thats all she put down on her wish list.

    It was such a big day for me! I felt so grown up and im pleased that it was my choice you know? xx
  12. ^^ My sister and I had them pierced with the guns, and have had no problems!?
    Quick and more than less painless x
  13. I got my ears pierced when I was very little...I don't even remember. I appreciate my mommy doing it for me too because if I were older I would remember the pain!
  14. Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with using a piercing gun? I got mine done with a gun and they came out just fine...
  15. My sister and I got ours when we were babies and I agree, the younger, the better! She won't remember, don't worry! My baby sister got hers around 18 months and of course she doesn't remember anymore.