Peggy's On The Road!

  1. BWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Lookie what's on the way from Bluefly! :devil:


    This is the stock shot since I just ordered it, but I've been mad for this bag since last fall. Used the latest 15% off and a nice Bluefly credit I had in my account and scored it for a KILLER price! This is the medium Peggy and does come with the shoulder strap, though I doubt I'll use it. I've got another bamboo handle Gucci and it doesn't bother me a bit.

    What a way to start the weekend! My new Peggy on the way and I pick up this little honey this afternoon. :graucho:

    Am I having a mid-life crisis or what?
  2. Wow!!! That is great. (Well, THOSE are great!) I like the way you handle the 'mid-life crisis' thing. :yahoo:
  3. Congratulations on both! DId you have a 15% off coupon for the car too :smile:
  4. ^^^Well, indirectly I guess I did! Got myself a KILLA deal!!!:supacool:
  5. Congrats!! beautful bag and car
  6. LOVE the bag!!! -Love the car too!!..You just had yourself a great day!!!!! Congrats!! Enjoy (both)!!!
  7. Love the bag! And you can't go wrong with a Honda
  8. congrats!
  9. Congrats!!!!!!!! The Peggy is TDF!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. fabulous bag! i have it in GG fabric white trim.
  11. Great bag, I've been ooogling this one too!!
  12. ^^^$993 :supacool:
  13. Love it!
  14. Peggy has arrived. I'm petting her right now! :graucho:

    Photos to come later. It's the perfect size for me. I'm SO glad I went for the medium over the large. And the handle is much, much nicer in mine. It's thicker with more texture to it. They also messed up the pic: the hardware is GOLD!! Woo Hoo! :yes: