Peggy,Peggy, Peggy??

  1. What do you guys think of the Cruise Collection Peggy, I LOVE the bamboo, and I'm overdue a white bag! Thoughts? Sorry for the small pic (from
  2. The bamboo is really is the shape of the bag. I'm not sure about it though...have to see it carried IRL. Have you tried it on? I bet that would make your decision so much easier...if you put it on your arm and just can't take it off, then that's your white bag!!! Good luck!!!
  3. Gotta looooove bamboo!! I have a vintage Gucci w/ bamboo handles and got great compliments on it. The handles are quite delicate though so I would caution you to carry "light".

  4. I LOVE this one from the new Peggy line:

  5. that one too. Damn this purse ban!
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I used to have one of the older bamboo handle hobos and it was surprisingly comfortable to wear on the shoulder. I did see that some people had problems with the sturdiness of the handle, hopefully that flaw has been fixed in the new ones although i never had a problem. I think it's a perfect white bag :yes:
  7. Thanks guys!! The bag is so lovely, but I too worry about the bamboo strap, I know I would want to use it more that the shoulder strap it comes with....
  8. I like them.