Peggy Is Here, BUT....

  1. ohh nice choice! I love white bags!
  2. Its cute and the wood handle is classic :smile: Congrats!
  3. Hope this one works out better for you!!! Great choice!!! :yes:
  4. Sorry you didnt like the Peggy, every time I go into the Gucci boutique I hold that bag . I love it so much. I hope your new bag works out for you. Good luck that ones looks great!
  5. I really like it.
  6. Very nice. Sorry the other one didn't work out.

  7. Like the bamboo bag-

  8. Thats a fly bag!!!

    You did the right thing. You SHOULD love every inch of the bag, and if you dont, its not worth the money. Unless you're paris hilton. I really like the one you got from Bluefly instead. And its not white white, its ivory. :yes:
  9. you are so right, love2travel! you'll definitely gonna have more fun with a bag you love all the way!
    and congrats! that is one beautiful bag! just loooove the bamboo with the light gold hardware and the ivory colour!

    post (modelling) pics once you get it, if you can :smile: (always love to see pics!)
  10. Lucky you!! I've been lusting over that bag ever since it showed up in their stock! And I don't normally like the monogram/logo style. It's so subtle on this bag that it doesn't put me off. Definitely post pics! :yes:
  11. Can't wait to see pics when you get it! Gorgeous bag!