Peggles hippie almost got screwed

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  1. your hubby put up shelves for your collection.. argh your sooo lucky... and im glad hippie is doing fine :O)
  2. hahaha love the title!! So glad it turned out ok!
  3. yeahhh.
    .i was thinking the same thing too..
    u got some handy-man there!
    can't wait to see the shelves!
  4. Way too Funny!!!!

    I am glad you were able to save Miss Hippie!!!! She wouldn't have been too happy being screwed!!!! LOL
    Men need to watch what they are doing!!!!
    We want to see pics of the new Closet and all the wonderful Coach!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. Ah! I would've freaked out! Super sweet of hubby to put in new shevles... wish mine would do that!
  6. Oh, Cardiac arrest time!
  7. Wow, thank goodness nothing happened!
  8. OOH MY GOD!

    I think I actually stopped breathing halfway through your story and only realized it once I reached the end. Hew!!! Close one! :faint: Is there such a thing as guardian angels for Coach bags? 'Cause maybe yours has one!
  9. Now THAT'S a story. I had a cow when my precious Neo throwback got a scratch in the fabric (which I was eventually able to minimize so that you would never know it was there) last summer. But a DRILL, aimed at my baby?

    Girl, I'm sure your blood pressure went UP for a few seconds! :sos:
  10. awe thanks everyone, I am still recovering from the episode, LOL

    i have plans to show my shelves, but i am going to try to do something creative first and then i will show all of you what i have done

    I am still not feeling my best , so I am hoping to get my project done in a few days

    thanks for taking the time to read my Screwy Story, LMAO
  11. omgosh! I heart is still racing a lil' bit!

    Can't wait to see pics of the shelves ... & drool:drool:
  12. GO Peggle, go Peggle!!
    So happy you were paying attention!! And we wanna see your new shelves!! :smile: