Peggle thinks this is so so Fishy

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  1. video reveal

    have a great day have fun and laugh hard

  2. oh yeah I get to be the first one to watch your new video!!!
  3. So cute! Perfect for your little ocean bag!!
  4. In a land far far away... he is very cute. Love him on the Sabriinnna glub glub! DS fishy died yesterday. Boo hoo!
  5. going to see if I can play it the last 3 say not playable on a mobile device
  6. cute fish! I need one, except i dont own any blue bags..*sigh*
  7. oh got it woo hooo i sent the link to my email then it open on the phone...awww the fishy is so cute..most of all i hope your feeling better....
  8. Very cute little fish! I hope you're feeling better!
  9. Super cute! Glad you are posting fun stuff but do you hope you get well very soon.
  10. thanks everbody

    i hope to feel better soon,, i thought i was getting better this morning and now i am back to where i started from,, i am not a happy girl

    awe poor lizmil DS,, lost his poor lil fishy,,, so sad

    thanks again
  11. Your still not feeling well! I will keep you in my thoughts! I hope you feel better soon peggle! Thanks for the fishy reveal!! I love it! He is swimming in a cobalt ocean! HEHE!!
  12. Congrats on your fishy!
  13. The fish goes with the Cobalt Sabrina perfectly, Love them.
  14. Super cute! Fob twins, YAY! Congrats!
  15. I thought you were getting better too! Hugs from me to you!