Pegase 70

  1. Hello all,
    I've been thinking about buying a pegase 70 and have been pondering whether to buy off eBay or just buy from the boutique. Anywho, on the lv website the pegase 70 has a brown stripy strappy thingy that goes around the edges (look at the pics) but I have also seen pegase 70's on eBay etc. without the brown strap...view:

    So what type is authentic? With or without strapy thingy, oh btw the lv website changes one moment the 70 does have the strap and then the next it doesnt...
    pegase.JPG pegase2.JPG
  2. Both look ok.

    There was probably a change in having that brown nylon strip down the side some time ago...
  3. ^^ITA- the Damier Pegase never had it.
  4. I have the Pegase 60 and mine has it... BTW, that link is not responding.