Pegase 60 or 70?????

  1. Hi everyone!

    I need your help/recommendation in deciding what Pegase to purchase. I just bought the Damier Keepall 55 w/strap. Any suggestions?
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    I would go with 60. You won't be able to use 70 as a carry-on.

  3. Thank you!!!! I appreciate your response.
  4. You are welcome :amuse:
  5. I think it all depends - will you be using the Keepall and Pegase together? If so, i'd get the 70 since you'll most likely be using the Keepall as a carry on, and you might as well get the biggest luggage you can check in. However, if you don't plan on that, buy the 60 so you have the option of using it as a carry on.
  6. I:heart:Pegase 60!!!

  7. Thanks for your response. I would use the Keepall and Pegase together. Kind of like a small traveling set.
  8. I also agree with the 60!
  9. i have to say go with the 60.