Pégase 60 new version vs old version

  1. What do you think of the new style Pégase 60 ? I have an opportunity to buy the older version, but am thinking I can buy the new version for only a few $100 more. I can see the differences on the outside, but is the interior much different ?

    thanks so much !
  2. I like the old version and the old version only because it has that strap at the top to attached your carry on so you dont have to carry both, it pulls it all in one. But I personally like to carry my carry on lol... so I would go for the new one, I like the style better. $100 is not a lot when it comes to LV. I think they only changed the exterior (took of the strap thingy)
  3. Does the new version not have that? I have the old version and love that feature, so, so handy!

    I clip my keepall on with the strap, set my purse on top of the Pegase, and I've got one handed, easy negotiation.

    So if it is truely not there, that would be a good reason to go with the old vesion.
  4. I have the pegase 60 in the new version, and instead of clip straps inside they have 2 velcro panels which I like more...my dad has the old one and he's been eyeing mine recently!