Pegase 60 help me pick

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Which would be the best to buy

  1. Monogram 60

  2. New Graphite 60

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok I am going to bite the bullet and finally purchase a Pegase 60. I have been dreaming about this luggage for years and am finally going to purchase. Now I need everyone's help on choosing between the monogram which is very classic and gorgeous or the new graphite which would be worry fee and also really cute. What should I get?
  2. hmm i would go with the monogram (:
  3. I was told the pegase would not be affected by the price increase, but just checked eluxury and its up $80
  4. Mono... Personally I would save for a Bisten 55 (Hard Luggage!) I think that LV's hard luggage is amazing!
  5. I also vote for the classic mono.
  6. I say the Graphite. The mono is blah compared to the damier. Also the Graphite is different and more unique. You see mono luggage everywhere.
    Tell us what you decide!
  7. I voted for Mono. I like my luggages in mono.
  8. So far its really tight with graphite in the slight lead. I would like both but really only get one. I have not made up my mind yet.
  9. Definitely graphite. New yet sleek and classic.
  10. Do you have any other luggage pieces...Keepall or something? Get the Pegase in Graphite and the Keepall in Mono later (or vice cersa). Also, is the Graphite a permanent collection or LE? If LE, definitely get the luggage in Graphite.
  11. The only other luggage I have is the MC keepall in black and white.
  12. I always fear losing my bags by checking them in when I fly, so luggage bags are strictly TUMI for me. Are you sure you are willing to take that risk? but given what is available... I'd go for the camo. Being LE - chances are you will be the only one travelling with it. So you can spot it a mile away.
  13. I like the classic Mono!
  14. I would never check it so not worried about loosing it. It will mostly be used for car trips, possibly fly with if it can go in cabin.
  15. Em.. I would vote for graphite... ! No vachetta to worry abt !!