Pegase 60 carry on size???

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  1. Considering purchasing a Pegase 60, worried about it being too big to bring as a carry on. Anybody have experience travelling with a Pegase 60????? Please Help
  2. I haven't. But I'm sure it is to big as a carry-on.
  3. what is the largest pegase carryon size, anyone? esp in australia for domestic flights if ne1 knows? thanks!
  4. I do not know exactly about size of carry on bag because each airway has each rule but in LV website said Pegase 60 is cabin size.
    So I suggest to buy Pegase 50 for safe or see the rule of your frequently used airline.

    Nuttae <sorry for my eng.>
  5. thanks nuttae! no worries, your english is very good =)
  6. You can carry on the pegase 60 :smile:
  7. I remember someone saying that the 60 is too big and the largest allowed is 55. I'd double check with the airlines and measure the bag myself when in store.
  8. Ok, U can carry on Pegase 50 and 60. I don't know if there's 55 out there. And yes, Pegase 60 is your standard size wheeled luggage for carry on. Pegase 50 is nice, but too small. HTH.
  9. The Pegas 60 is carry on. You may be thinking of the keepalls, The keepall 60 is to big.
  10. I have the Pegase 60 and they let me bring that on, it's the 70 that's too big. The 50 is a waste of money cause it's SOOO small!!!
  11. I trust Darien's opinion :yes: He is the LV luggage king :yahoo:
  12. :yes: the 50 is like an overnighter, it is small.
  13. Another thing to keep in mind is that the rules for domestic and international flights are different because you can carry on larger sizes for international flights since the plane is larger (at least I think that's the reason why they allow larger sizes to be carried on).

    Agree with advice posted above about checking and then measuring - cause if you don't want to check it in - you probably won't be too happy if you find out at the airport that you have no choice if you want to be on the flight!
  14. Jet Blue is one of the airlines that has smaller requirements, it is always best to chek before you leave the ticket counter area. I have never had any problems taking carry-ons that are the same size as the Pegas 60. I have a coach & a Hartman that are the same size & haven't had any problems taking them on board.
  15. depends on where you live...coz in NZ/Aus the largest you can take in economy/coach international and domestic is the Pegase 50, whereas in the US it's fine to carry the Pegase 60 for domestic...but check with the airline you most fly with...I personally like the Pegase 50 because I'm very weak (I struggled lugging my Deauville in Sydney)...and 7kgs for me is so heavy!!! and the bigger the suitcase the more I'll put in...

    and just think...if it doesn't fit in the'll have to send it!!!