Pegase 50 and 60 can be carried on??? & Is the Saleya GM too large for Carry On?

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  1. So are they both "legal" to carry on? An SA told me she thought the 60 could not be carried on international flights - who has experienced carrying on the 60 or not?
  2. Is the Saleya GM too large to put under an airline seat? Is the Saleya MM big enough to use as a travel tote?
  3. I thought that the 50 was the biggest you could carry on.
  4. it won't be too big if you fold the top down. i think the MM is definitely a good size to just carry everyday and on a trip. the saleya gm i find bulks out too much at the bottom and makes my arm angle outward from my body.
  5. ^^^no, the 60 can be carried on too...I have done so many times :smile:
  6. good to know. now does LV make a 70? i saw one on ebay a few months back, but don't remember ever seening that size available.
  7. ^ Yes, they do.
  8. I'd too would use the MM as a travel tote.
  9. I would use the Saleya MM as my handbag and the GM as the carry on.
  10. 60 is the legal size for international carry on. 70 is over the limit, but you know it always depends on the counter staff to enforce that rule or not. Not sure if they will count GM as a carry on or a purse, if you plan to use both, be prepare to be asked decide which to check in in case GM don't fly as purse. As long as you don't over stuff the GM too much, and it fits underneath the seat in front of you, it should be fine i suppose.
  11. *blink* OMG, I'm having ideas of getting the Vernis Pegase 50 as a carryon! Somebody stop me!
  12. It depends on whos checking the bag, the airline and how you are. But to be on the safe side i would say 60.
  13. I love the GM my mom has it and she uses it as an everyday bag and when she goes to the borgota in AC she said its also great because she can put daily essentials and some clothes in it!!
  14. GM traveled with me as handbag/carryon on my last international trip...No problems...Just compliments...
  15. Thanks for the responses. So, you can only carry on 2 pieces total - including the purse so I plan to have a tote bag large enough to hold some essentials and a small purse. Then my other carry-on would be a rollie like the pegase 50 or 60. The 60 is technically longer than the airlines' specifcations by a smidgen - that's why I'm asking. The international standard may be even smaller.