Peg Perego Skate

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  1. Does anyone have this stroller? Do you like it? I have been doing a lot of research and while I really like it, the weight of it is extremely off-putting. 32 pounds!! :cursing:

    I know the Skate Elite which is supposed to be 10 pounds lighter is delayed in its release (2010 was the last I heard).

    Or does anyone have any strollers they'd like to recommend and the pros/cons of each? I've also been looking at the Bugaboo Bee, Maclaren Quest and Peg Pliko P3.
  2. I love the skate but when I tried it in the store it is VERY hard to lift.

    have the graco that came with my car seat and then I bought the Maclaren Quest Sport. Through research online and from ladies here it comes highly recommended. It is light and cute to look at too.
  3. It's that heavy eh? I was going to go see it in person this weekend. Have you taken your Quest around for a little spin (minus baby obviously, lol)? How does it handle?

    My friend has the Graco travel system and she hates the bulkiness of it - it pretty much takes up the entire trunk of her car. It was a gift though.
  4. The quest is very nice to handle. I have it a spin in the store and on the carpet at hom. Mind you it is not a big wheeled stroller so it would not be great on really rough terrain lol.
    The Graco one yes is bulky but will be great for her while she is 4 mths and younger. I do not mind it taking up my trunk for a bit but not forever that is why I also grabbed the maclaren
  5. Hmm, I would like to take the LO out for walks in the park and such. Do you think the Quest would be ok on gravel or woodchipped paved trails? Or is the Quest better suited to sidewalks and malls?