Pefo Speedy in green????


Will the Perfo Speedy be sought after when it's gone?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Remember when the cheries bag came out and there wasn't a huge craze about it but now that it's gone people are trying to get one...Do you think this will happen with the perfo speedy??? I like the green perfo speedy but I just can't make that final decision if I should buy it...any suggestions

    PS... I went to LV yesterday for the 1st time in a couple weeks and i want like 3 bags the MC petite noe (so cute), green perfo speedy and a MC alma.....I wish I was related to the Vuitton's so I could have one of everything!!!!
  2. As you can see from my avatar I love my green perforated speedy and yes I think it will be very sought after once the collection is gone.
  3. I think this bag is SO unique! After it's gone, people will want it more! All the non-permanent lines that LV had/has are going to be history and people always want a piece of history.

    I like it and I think it'll be sought after.
  4. I think people will miss it after its gone. I am having a hard time trying to say no to a perf pochette.
  5. im wondering the same thing. I would really love a cerise speedy, but its impossible to get. Im wondering whether I should buy a perf speedy! aaaaahhhhhhh
  6. the green on the perfo is a deep grass-green which is a bad color for me - I need an apple green to brighten up my is the orange - a deep shade of papaya orange - make sure u see it in person and like the color before you invest would be my best advice. And who cares if it is 'sought after' or not - you should only buy things because YOU love them, not anyone else
  7. oh come on people, sure some will miss them after they are gone. However that will only last like the cerise. The craze will go away eventually. Unless you collect LVs and must have all the items.
  8. I think that the perforated Speedy will be heavily sought after. Once it's gone it's gone. People seem to want a piece of history and this particular sort of bag really stands out.
  9. get it... its a fun bag!!! dont know about the green though....
  10. IMO, I think it will be sought is a limited edition collection after all..
  11. I really did not get that feeling when I saw all of the colors or I would have grabbed one. In my opinion, it is not going to be as sought after as let's say the Cerise season.imo