Peeved about those that purchase Cavalli for H&M and are now selling on ebay

  1. Unfortunately for most of us in the US, the Cavalli collection wasn't available at our local H&M. Actually, they were only available in 4. I had planned to have my sister purchase 2 pieces that I really wanted in New York - the leopard print corset and the gold party dress. Only 2. that was it. unfortunately, she experienced some personal emergencies that didn't allow her to go.

    Fron the news articles I read, the collection sold out in a matter of 2 hrs. People hoarding items - fighting for certain pieces that they really wanted. I of course would have been right down there with them.

    What really peeved me the most was when I looked on eBay and found that the pieces were selling for more than 100% their retail value. For example, the gold party dress i had wanted was being sold for $700. Wasn't the whole point of Cavalli designing for H&M was to make his style more accessible to the masses? Unfortunately, there will always be some who will take advantage. They hoard items for the sheer purpose of making profit...they know others will pay the high price. Anyway, that's the world we live in. I just wished they passed some sort of law that prohibited this from happening. It's just really not fair.

    ok...end rant. Thanks for listening =) and Kudos to you that purchased what you wanted and are actually keeping it instead of trying to turn profit =)
  2. I hate it too, I don't have any H&M stores by me but its kind of ridiculous!! I hate when people get items that people actually want and sell them on eBay to be greedy... I looked at all the pieces on eBay by Cavalli H&M and was astound that people were charging so much for things that were all under $350! Its not fair... But at least some of the PFers got some pieces :smile:
  3. gotta love capitalism.
  4. Exactly. The same thing happened when Lagerfeld designed for H and M. And, if it makes you feel any better, it is not REALLY Cavalli...fabrics are super cheapy and it has nothing to do with the real collection except the name. I really think it all brilliant hype by H and M.
  5. I Disagree to an extent, the fabrics used for this collaboration are far more superior than H&M's own fabrics and H&M have never gave such carrier bags, boxes and ribbons like they did with these items, even the tags look high end designer.
  6. Im on the fence about this, to some extent it makes me feel good because I got up early, travelled and got the stuff I wanted, now the prices have gone sky high my items are worth more than I paid for them and they are super limited.

    On the other hand its annoying that you ddint get what you wanted, I had chose then items I wanted beforehand and came away with three bags with more than I expected, I was one of the first in. But I did see a man with twelve carrier bags full of womens and mens clothes, now Im thinking :wtf:, how the hell did he get all of those items LOL, some people will take EVERYTHING and this cant be stopped, I suppose its supply and demand. Its not something I 100% agree with but I can see why people do it.
  7. Well it may be better than the typical H and M stuff but I still do not consider it "designer" quality. Anyway...if you love it , who cares?
  8. This happened to me with Luella Bartley for Target. There was a cheap cherry print canvas clutch I REALLY wanted and I ended up having to buy it on ebay :rolleyes:

    There's varying opinions on this. A lot of people don't care, but I personally think it's really sh*tty when people hoard sale items to sell them for profit. Sometimes I wish ebay didn't exist...
  9. yea...I mean, i'm not against going to ebay to turn profit. What's outrageous is that a dress originally priced at less than $200 turns into $700 on ebay.

    I didn't go to business school or anything but yea, i get the whole supply and demand thing.... but don't we all have some sort of social responsibility to not take advantage of that?
  10. yes you are right, that is ridiculous, making $500 is alot, and I agree with you that people should have social responsibility, like for instance if there was a water shortage and I had 12 barrels of water in my garage and I started selling the water for $50 a cup then that would be wrong ! its not something I would do, I believe in sharing. Yes these people did have good luck at getting these items but whats wrong with a $200 profit for something so cheap in the first place. KWIM ?, I suppose people will say if people are going to pay then thats up to them but there should be a limit on how much someone would want to make on an item.
  11. I have to agree with you on that one. The fabrics for the Cavalli collection are really much nicer than normal H&M fabric.
  12. I do understand what the OP means. It totally sucked because I was trapped outside watching as all the people grabbed everything they could find even if it wasn't there size. Afterwards these people would try to peddle off sizes they didn't need for money and I was forced to pay for the right to buy a pair of jeans.
    Also, it pissed me off when I hear about people buying the EXACT SAME item in the EXACT SAME size so that they'd be able to sell it for profit. I think H&M shouldn't have allowed people to buy more than one of each item cause that isn't fair for the other people in the store that woke up just as early to buy the clothes, but just wasn't fortunate enough to be able to grab it.
  13. Oh My Gosh ! that is awful, good lord, how can someone be so greedy. If you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for the right to buy the jeans ?.

    I had the chance to grab ALL the dresses but I do not want them (Im a guy), so I headed straight to what I wanted.
  14. I think maybe H&M should have limited the number of items per person. This way they wouldn't have so many angry customers leaving empty handed. I feel bad for the people who went, waited in line, and got nothing. At the same time, there is nothing wrong with the people who bought to sell on eBay.
  15. its definitely the "hoarding" thing that i'm peeved about. because you know there are people that hoarded items...lots of them...of things they intended to sell on ebay for profit.