Peets Coffee Coupon

  1. This has been floating around my office all day :smile: Cheers!
    peet's coupon-1-1.jpg
  2. Yeeessss!! I love Peet's Coffee! :yahoo:
  3. Goody that will make my Friday morning much better! Thanks for sharing!
  4. :tup: Yay! Thanks for sharing!!
  5. dusty paws, thank you so much! I love Peets!
  6. does that online coupon work? someone @ slickdeals tried it and they said it they wouldn't take it... so just be careful
  7. didnt work for me but thanks for posting, it was worth a shot trying to get free coffee:tup:
  8. you're welcome guys, hope some of you had luck with it!
  9. THanks!!! god knows how much I have spent on coffee recently :biggrin:
  10. i don't think this coupon works... has anyone had luck with it?