Peep toe

  1. Shoes....

    I have made two purchases in the last little while, both peep toes shoes. My issues is that i'm getting blisters on my big toes. Right where they peek through the front.

    If i go bigger in shoes my feet come out at the back. How do i prevent from getting blister?

    I'm not sure if this is happening because my feet are sliding forward and that is causing it.:sad:
    red shoes.jpg IMG_4506.jpg
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  2. I'm not sure where you're from but I've bought these great little things in England called Scholl Party Feet. They're clear rubbery pads meant for wearing underneath the straps on sandals, but I find they stop the rubbing on my feet when I wear my '50s peeptoes (I have the same problem as you with one particular pair).
  3. PS Those shoes are beautiful!
  4. Those are hot shoes!
  5. OMG I love those shoes!! hotttt!
    I can't help you otherwise ;)
  6. Thanks i'm going to check online to see what they are and see if i can locate them here.

    Thanks, I think they're cute too, now if only i could break them in :smile:
  7. Thank you, i'd like to get a pr of black ones as well but need to get this blister thing under control before buying more :sad:

    I might have to get the black in a closed toe ... if this keeps up:crybaby:
  8. Thank, i sit here and admire them :smile: now i need to wear them before I start :crybaby: over the money i spent.
  9. I just picked these up, i got 2 pr for 7$

    and they seem to keep my feet from sliding forward.. I hope this works.
  10. Yes, yes, they are great! They definitely keep my feet from sliding forward and are nice and cushy as well. Double bonus! :yahoo:
  11. In addition to the Scholl's, you can also try picking up Foot Petal's "strappy strips." I have a pair of peep toes that were causing blisters on my toes even after adding the non-skid cushion for the ball of my foot. I went on to add the "strappy strips" to the inside edge of the peep toe ... and voila! no more blisters. Here's the link:
  12. Good to know! I'm testing them out now, just wearing my shoes around the house.
  13. thanks, I'll have to check those out.. I know right now due to the blister there its still rubbing. But i'll give it a few days and see how it goes:biggrin:

    thanks again for that info.:yes:
  14. Let us know if that helps you. I'm having the exact same problem with my peep toe shoes!!
  15. Will do, at the moment they're comfy, compared to before, just hurting around the toe area due to the blister. I think tomorrow i'll try these and see if it helps a little more.