Peep Toe Shoes -

  1. Tell me girls - is it just me or do a lot of the peep toe pumps in the shops these days look like someone took a nice pointy toe pump and cut the front part off?

    Why not just wear the pointy toe pumps in the first place? They look so much more classic and feminine IMO.
  2. I happen to love peeptoes. I own them in just about every incarnation. IMO, peeps are classic, much more than pointy-toed stils, which have really only been around the last five - eight years or so. Peeps were ladylike decades ago.

    And if you're gonna use the argument that peeps look like pointy shoes that have been cut, why not say pointy shoes look like round shoes (much more classic) that have been filed to a point? They are what they are -- different styles.

    I happen to love em all! :heart:
  3. I know the peep toe is very popular now especially with celebrities and their CL's. I'm not a huge fan of them myself, but they add a more lady-like look to an outfit.