Peep-toe pumps - which one is comfiest?

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  1. Okay, so peep toe pumps are in, and imo look so cute with just about everything. :graucho: However, the ones I've tried on have been really terribly uncomfortable, often pinching my toes from the side. Which ones do you own or wear, and are they comfortable?
  2. Manolo!
  3. I actually have some Fendi B. pumps that aren't too bad.

    Manolo is a great choice for a wider toe opening. I got some open toe mary jane like shoes last spring and they are great. Since it isn't such a small toe opening, it doesn't pinch like some of the others.
  4. I have the Stuart Weitzman peep toes for every day and LOVE THEM! Of course the Manolo Sedaraby's are fab - but not for every day!
  5. oh which ones? i'd love to find a pair to try on :tup:
  6. So far for me...Nine West, Manolo Sedarby and Pedro Garcia...I could dance all night in any of these

    My Christian Louboutin small opening peep toe are killing me and I am still breaking them in around the house. I think a wider opening at the toe is best...otherwise it rubs the top of my toe on me.
  7. I like Nine West shoes because they are usually pretty and moderately priced BUT, I bought a pair of patent leather peeptoes with a wooden heel that KILLED my feet! They were SO uncofortable! I didn't even walk long in them. I walked about a block from the car to a restaurant then back from the restaurant to the car and by the time I got the car I wanted to cry! I still buy NW though, but now I know my limits with them.

  8. I have aldos and Nine West and they killed my feet also. I like Louboutins after you break them in cuz they are soooo comfortable and sexy!
  9. which CLs are you referring to? the very prive? just trying to get an idea of which ones i should go try on next ;)
  10. my mum has a Chanel peep toe pump and adores it! very comfy.
  11. Nine West and Aldos are possibly the comfiest!