Peep Toe Pain

  1. Hey Ladies!I need advice, I b ought these peep toe shoes which fit BEAUTIFULLY, but after wearing them the first time for a night out the peep toe part killed my big toes!! So much so that the next day I put on the shoes my toes still feel sore:crybaby:Is there anything i can do to relieve the pain? I really love the shoes and hate the thought of not wearing them bc they i bought two other pairs of the EXACT shoes in different colors, that i REALLY dont want to return my size is hard to find and so are the shoes......PLEASE HELP:flowers:
  2. I feel for you! I love sexy shoes so much but my wide feet are so difficult to please. They aren't comfortable unless they are in tennis shoes or flats :cursing:. I seriously need to get fillers injected in my feet! For now, I just try to bear the pain.
  3. I can wear between a 7.5 and an 8 and I noticed that even if I technically "fit" into a 7.5 peeptoe, I will buy the 8. Since I started doing this, I haven't had any pain b/c my toe isn't pressed against the inside edge of the peeptoe. You may want to try that.
  4. I think it's just something your foot has to get used to, then the shoes will eventually become comfortable in time. I own a couple pairs of shoes that when I first bought them they actually left little indents in my foot because they were sooo tight, but after wearing them for 2-3 days straight and bearing the pain, my feet don't hurt anymore when I wear them... So you can try just taking the pain for a couple days, but if they are too painful to wear the very next day, don't wear them. Wait a day. I find this helps too. I think your feet just have to get used to them...
  5. put some alcohol on the 'peeptoe' so it can stretch
  6. Blah. I'm the same exact way. I hate my wide feet! :hysteric:
  7. I had some shoes that did the same thing to me. I couldn't bear the pain, so I gave them to my sister.
  8. If you don't want to bother with the painful breaking in process then maybe you should consider taking them to a cobbler... I found that I was in between sizes for a peep toe pump I recently bought (my left foot is slightly bigger than the right) so my SA just slightly stretched the left peep toe area (cause thats what was bothering me the most) and I ended up with the smaller size! In your case maybe you just need them slightly stretched so its not super painful to break them in.
  9. I have the same problem but it's only for my favorite pair of peeptoe pumps! I feel like the circulation is cut on the top of my big toe when I wear it but beauty is painful sometimes, right? Hopefully the alcohol thing will help when I start wearing them again in spring.